Big Blue Pleated Sediment Filter - 20 inch x 4.5 inch

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Product Description

Quantity of Three - 20 Inch x 4.5 Inch (Big Blue Size) Pleated Water Filters

The micron rating for these filters is your choice - click on the Micron option above and make your selection - the 50 and 20 micron pleated filters are the price noted above and the 5 and 1 micron filters have an added charge as noted beside the micron rating.. Filter end cap color will vary by micron rating.

Ships same day when order received before noon or following day when order received after noon.

These pleated cartridges outperform wound, spun, melt blown, resin bonded and other "depth" style filter elements because our pleated cartridges provide increased surface area, lower pressure drop and longer service life. Our 100% synthetic media is washable and cleanable (5 micron and up) to reduce filtration costs.

The difference is the media. Not all pleated cartridges preform the same!!

The cellulose-free, synthetic filter media allows the pleats to retain their form, maintaining a large amount of surface. This allows the cartridge to handle higher solids loading and flow rates with a lower pressure drop that increases the filter efficiency and life, while reducing filter change out costs and frequency.

Competitive cellulose blended pleats collapse on one another, binding off large amounts of the cartridge surface area. Premature binding of the surface area reduces the flow capacity and efficiency while it raises the differential pressure, and contributes to a limited filter life and frequent filter change costs.


* More surface area for greater dirt holding capacity

* Lower initial pressure drop

* Higher flow rates

* Longer filter life, thus reduced filtration costs

* Superior performance with no additives or binders to break down which may cause foaming and filter degradation

* resistant to both bacteria and chemical attack

* suitable for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Specifications - (20 inch x 4 1/2 inch filter)

Flow Rate - 1 Micron - 25 gpm; 5 Micron - 25 gpm; 20 Micron - 25 gpm and 20 Micron - 25 gpm.

Maximum Temperature - 140 F

Minimum Temperature - 40 F

Filter media (1 and 5 Micron) - Polypropylene

Filter Media (20 and 50 Micron) - Polyester

Material (center tube) - Polypropylene

Material (end caps) - Molded Polyurethane

ID - 1 1/16 inches

Pleated cartridges have eight times more surface area than depth cartridges.