Check Valve - Inline - 3/8 Inch

Item #: CV38
Sale Price:$16.95
Check Valve - Inline - 3/8 Inch
Check Valve - Inline - 3/8 InchCheck Valve - Inline - 3/8 InchCheck Valve - Inline - 3/8 InchCheck Valve - Inline - 3/8 Inch

Quick Connect 3/8 Inch Check Valve

This sale is for one (1) Quick Connect 3/8 inch check valve. This check valve is used as an "in-line back flow prevention". It will allow the liquid to only flow in one direction. As with all quick connect fittings, it is easy to install. This check valve is suitable for use with water, soda, beer and coffee. Correspondingly, these fittings are an excellent choice for potable liquids such as reverse osmosis drinking water as well as other foodstuff.

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