Flow Restrictor - Elbow - 36 GPD

Item #: FRE36
Sale Price:$21.15
Flow Restrictor - Elbow - 36 GPD
Flow Restrictor - Elbow - 36 GPDFlow Restrictor - Elbow - 36 GPDFlow Restrictor - Elbow - 36 GPDFlow Restrictor - Elbow - 36 GPD

Reverse Osmosis Flow Restrictor (For 36 Gallon Per Day RO Membrane)

This sale is for one (1) 36 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis Flow Restrictor. This flow restrictor is to be installed on the drain port of the membrane housing.

A flow restrictor will create back pressure on the membrane and allow the membrane to produce purified water to be delivered to the storage tank. Flow restrictors are sized to match the flow with the size of the membrane.

In selecting a flow restrictor, be certain you do not "under size" the restrictor as you will prematurely foul the membrane. If you "over size" the restrictor, you will be wasting water but not causing damage to the membrane. Check our FAQ's on this web site for further information about the various types of flow restrictors and their capabilities.


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