Inline Carbon Filter - 5

  • Inline Carbon Filter - 5
  • Inline Carbon Filter - 5
  • Inline Carbon Filter - 5
  • Inline Carbon Filter - 5
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Product Description

Inline Carbon Water Filter - 10" - Ice maker & Refrigerator & Reverse Osmosis, Aquarium, coffee maker and other applications that require filtered water.

This sale is for five ( 5 ) filters, Quick Connect or FPT 1/4" fitting, your choice of Quick Connect or FPT Fitting. When the buyer does not make a selection, we ship Quick Connect.

Taste & Odor Removal


Maximum Flow .75 GPM

Maximum Pressure 125 PSI

Maximum Temp 100 F

Service Life 1500 Gal

Installation Instructions Included Inline filters are composed of a high performance granulated activated carbon that polishes the product water from the storage tank to your water source requirement, eliminating taste and odor problems prior to use.

Activated carbon has an electro-positive charge added which results in this type of carbon attracting more chemicals and impurities. As the water passes through the positively charged carbon, the contaminants with their negative ions, are attracted to the carbon granules and thus extracted from the water.

Ships same day when order received before noon or following day when order received after noon.

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