1 Sediment 1 Carbon 1 InLine Carbon Combo - 10" x 2.5" with 1 Mineral Refill

  • 5 Stage RO+Mineral Replacement
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Product Description

Filter Combo of one Sediment, One Carbon Block, One InLine Carbon Water Filter, and One Mineral refill pack

This sale is for One (1) 10 inch x 2.5 inch sediment filter, One (1) 10 inch x 2.5 inch carbon filter and One InLine Carbon- these filters are individually wrapped, and One Mineral refill (enough to fill our clear inline cartridge under InlineMin1 -Cartridge NOT included in this listing).

The micron rating for these filters is your choice - click on the Sediment Micron and the Carbon Micron options above and make your selection. Note: You will receive 1 sediment filter from your sediment selection and 1 carbon filter from selection. Filter end cap color will vary by micron rating.

The In-Line Carbon filter is available with Quick Connect or FPT 1/4" fitting, your choice of Quick Connect or FPT Fitting. When the buyer does not make a selection, we ship Quick Connect.


These sediment replacement filters are for use with Reverse Osmosis, Whole House, Aquarium and Drinking Water Filtration Systems. These filters fit into a standard 10 inch x 2.5 inch filter housings, used by most reverse osmosis systems, whole house water filtration units and drinking water filter systems.

These 10 inch x 2.5 inch sediment filters are made of 100% high purity polypropylene, surfactant free, binder free and adhesive free. This sediment filter has a special design to trap particulates. Four layers, with outside-in flow and step-by-step micron rating that effectively retains particles and extends the filter life with a much lower pressure drop. Sediment filters are in compliance with FDA requirements and they are NSF Standard 42 certified.

They have great particle holding capacity and are being used in a variety of applications such as pre-filters for reverse osmosis systems, pre-filters for water filtration units, aquarium pre-filters and being used as sediment collectors for whole house systems.

Specifications and Data Information - Sediment Filter:

Filter - Length 10" x 2.5" diameter

Enhanced Dirt Holding Capacity

High Consistency Melt Blow Polypropylene

Easy and Safe Cartridge Incineration and Disposal

Free of Surfactants, Binders and Adhesives

Ideal for use as pre-treatment to a RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Meets FDA compliance for food and beverage contact

Contains no wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders.

Available Micron Ratings: 1, 5, 10, 20/25 and 50

Bonded micro-fiber construction offers no fiber release

Superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack

Performance Tested - NSF and FDA certified


These carbon block filters are manufactured with high purity Coconut Shell activated carbon with extruded activated carbon block construction. They do not release carbon fines and they are FDA compliant and they are NSF certified. These solid carbon block filters have combined the adsorption capability of carbon, with the ability of a solid block material to selectively strain out particles from the water that is being forced through the filter.

Activated carbon has an electro-positive charge added which results in this type of carbon attracting more chemicals and impurities. As the water passes through the positively charged carbon, the contaminants with their negative ions, are attracted to the carbon granules and thus extracted from the water.

The block of carbon strains out sediment, dirt, bacteria, microscopic worms, algae, asbestos and cryptosporidium. With just water pressure, this compacted solid carbon block is designed to filter sub micron size particles. This microstraining of the water will provide clean and clear drinking water.

Activated carbon bonds to thousands of known chemicals. As water is forced through this solid block of carbon, it is forced to slow its flow speed and thereby increase the contact time with the carbon. This slowing of the flow allows the carbon bonding to take place and remove chemical pollutants like toxins, THM's, chlorine, pesticides, bad tastes, odors, etc.

Solid block carbon filters are very uniform and do not channel or bypass as conventional granular activated carbon (GAC) filters are know to do.

Because of the density of the solid block carbon filters, there is no room for bacteria to grow, so these filters do not become an incubator for bacteria as GAC filter are known to be.

These carbon block filters will fit most types of 10" x 2.5" filter housings on the market today and as noted previously, they will fit into the housings on nearly all water filtration and reverse osmosis systems. CTO carbon block filters preform well in both commercial and residential applications and they are the most widely used carbon filters on the market today.

Specifications and Data Information - Carbon Filter:

Filter - Length 10" x 2.5" diameter

>99.5% Reduction of Particles (5 micron filter)

Enhanced Dirt Holding Capacity

No Release of Carbon Fines

Significantly Exceeds Performance of Traditional GAC and PAC Filters

Up to 8,000 gallons of chlorine removal capacity

Performance Tested - NSF and FDA certified


Taste & Odor Removal


Maximum Flow .75 GPM

Maximum Pressure 125 PSI

Maximum Temp 100 F

Service Life 1500 Gal

Inline filters are composed of a high performance granulated activated carbon that polishes the product water from the storage tank to your water source requirement, eliminating taste and odor problems prior to use.

Activated carbon has an electro-positive charge added which results in this type of carbon attracting more chemicals and impurities. As the water passes through the positively charged carbon, the contaminants with their negative ions, are attracted to the carbon granules and thus extracted from the water.


This quantity of materials will refill our inline cartridge one time. Cartridge not included in this listing.

A special blend of CAL/COR media imparts a refreshing mineral taste to the water by dissolving Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Dioxide into the water stream. Mainly installed with RO systems to complement their absolute filtration qualities. The mineralized water after this Mineral filter has perfectly balanced proportions of calcium and magnesium necessary for healthy development of the human body. Calcium is a basic building mineral for teeth and bones. It allows proper digestion and is necessary to regulate normal and healthy heart rhythm as well as good functioning of arteries and muscles. Magnesium takes part in over 300 different biochemical functions inside a human body and is a deciding factor for the immune system and proper blood circulation.

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