1" Sea Tech Union Connector

  • 1" Sea Tech Union Connector
  • 1" Sea Tech Union Connector
  • 1" Sea Tech Union Connector
  • 1" Sea Tech Union Connector
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Product Description

1" Sea Tech Union Connector - Quick Connect

!!!!Connect to Multiple Materials!!!!


These Sea Tech fittings incorporate stainless steel gripping teeth in their collets. These corrosion resistant teeth allow Sea Tech connectors to interconnect with multiple materials without the need for special tools or tube inserts.

* Copper


* PEX, LDPE, MDPE & HDPE tubing

This sale is for one (1) Sea Tech 1 inch "union connector". This fitting will allow you to connect a 1 inch line. Should you need to re-move the connector, follow the instructions as noted below in the "connection" section and the "union connector" fitting will be good to use in another location.


All Sea Tech connectors incorporate an exclusive O-Ring Guide for improved reliability. This unique feature insures zero-leak connections by: Protecting the O-Ring from damage during connection Increasing the connector's side load capacity Correctly aligning the tubing with the O-Ring every time Prevents the O-Ring from becoming dislodged


Measure the insertion depth on the tubing end. Sea Tech connectors have a insertion depth line molded onto the outside of the connector bodies.

Make certain to push the tubing completely into the connector until it comes into contact with the internal tubing stop.

To disconnect ensure the system is depressurized before removing connectors. Push the collet in squarely against the face of the fitting. With the collet held in this position, the tubing can be removed. The connectors can then be re-used.

Technical Information and Specifications * High Performance Thermal Plastic - Off White * O Rings - EPDM * Working Pressure : 100 psi @ 180'F ; 250 psi @ 75'F * Temperature : 180'F @ 100 psi

ANSI/NSF-61 Certifications: Sea Tech 35 Series products are tested, certified, and approved for contact with drinking water.

FDA approval: Sea Tech fittings are produced from FDA approved materials.

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