One 5 Gallon (PET) Water Bottle

  • One 5 Gallon (PET) Water Bottle
  • One 5 Gallon (PET) Water Bottle
  • One 5 Gallon (PET) Water Bottle
  • One 5 Gallon (PET) Water Bottle
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Product Description

One 5 Gallon Polyethylene (PET) Water Bottle with No-Spill Cap

This offering is for one 5 gallon polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle and with no-spill cap.

Notice: Quantity on this item is limited to one (1) due to shipping dimensional weight charges. Should your requirements be for more than one (1) bottle, please refer to multiple bottle offerings here on our web site.

Most beverage bottles sold in the USA are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET has become the material of choice for bottled beverages because it is lightweight and shatter resistant and because PET has been extensively tested for safety. Bottles made from PET are widely used for everything from water and fruit juices to soft drinks and even beer.

To help assure the safety of our food, the US Food and Drug Administration carefully reviews food and beverage packaging materials including plastics for beverage bottles, before allowing them on the market. Consumers can continue to trust the convenience and reliability of plastic bottles knowing that the safety of these products is demonstrated through extensive testing and protected by FDA regulations.

These bottles have user friendly handles to provide ease of moving bottles from the water source to the cooler.

The no-spill caps are for use with coolers that have a probe in the bottle entry. These are one-time usage caps and replacement no-spill caps are available here on our web site.

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