RO Membrane - 75 Gallons Per Day

  • RO Membrane - 75 Gallons Per Day
  • RO Membrane - 75 Gallons Per Day
  • RO Membrane - 75 Gallons Per Day
  • RO Membrane - 75 Gallons Per Day
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Product Description

This item is for one (1) seventy five (75) gallon per day Reverse Osmosis membrane by Filmtec

FILMTEC reverse osmosis membrane elements for home drinking water are the industry's most reliable. Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication allow these elements to deliver consistent performance that equipment suppliers, water treatment dealers, and residential customers can rely on. FILMTEC elements are shipped dry for convenient handling and long shelf-life. These elements are NSF/ANSI Standard 58 listed. Equipment suppliers can take advantage of FilmTec's Standard 58 listing and participation in the NSF Data Transfer Protocol to reduce costs for reduction claims for their systems.

FILMTEC home drinking water elements are rated at 50 psi and will purify about 20% more water than competitive elements rated at 60 psi (please see the data listed below).

Product Name: FILMTEC TW30-1812-75

Permeate Flow Rate: 75 gpd - 12.0 (m3/d)

Stabilized Salt Reject: 98.0(%)

Minimum Salt Reject: 96.0(%)

Increase The GPD Capacity of Your RO System

A membrane upgrade is actually quite easy on most reverse osmosis systems. Simply replace the membrane with the desired capacity and then properly size the flow restrictor to match the capacity of the membrane. These must be matched to keep the proper water flow over the membrane surface. Mis-matched membranes and flow restrictors will either cause excessive waste to the drain or premature membrane fouling. You will find flow restrictors to match the RO membranes we offer here on our web site.

Convert "Proprietary" RO Membrane to Standard

Many owners of "proprietary" style RO systems convert their systems to use a standard membrane housing and a standard RO membrane and in doing so they save a bundle of money and the product is easier to find. Visit our FAQ section here on our web site or contact us and we will answer your questions about converting your "proprietary" (non-standard) RO system to a standard system.

Check our Components & Parts category to build your own water filter unit or to acquire replacement items for your Reverse Osmosis system or Water Filter System. We have hundreds of water equipment items to meet your needs to replace or upgrade your water system.