50 Standard Bottle Caps

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50 Standard Bottle Caps
50 Standard Bottle Caps50 Standard Bottle Caps50 Standard Bottle Caps50 Standard Bottle Caps

Fifty (50) Standard Bottle Caps

This offering is for fifty (50) industry standard bottle caps. These caps fit most 2,3,5 and 6 gallon bottles on the market today. Caps have a 2 inch diameter which is the industry standard for water bottles.

If you choose to buy water from a vending machine at 25 cents per gallon, it is often difficult (if not impossible) to obtain caps for your bottle. Here is an opportunity to save some money by purchasing these caps and then buying your water for 25 cents per gallon ($1.25 for 5 gallon refill at a vending machine) verses paying $7.00 to $8.00 for a 5 gallon bottle at the store. Some vending machines have a special that allows you to purchase 5 gallons for $1.00.

Most properly operated vending machines produce a water quality equal to the water you pay $7.00 or more for at the store. Purchase some of these caps and start saving some "Bucks", --- "Big Bucks".

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